lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

- The Dagger

Saturday in Cresciano has been a really good day. It was finally warm and sunny and compared to last week when I was dressed like "Santa Claus", it was a real pleasure to climb in t-shirt and take your time to rest without freezing. I knew it was the perfect day to get back on the Dagger. Last session I fell many times hanging upside-down just because I couldn't feel anything under my frozen hands...

Luckily my friend Haroun got back from Belgium and was also there to film the ascent, so you will be able to see the crazy but really effective beta I have found in his upcoming movie Better Than Chocolate. If the goal was to reach last good crimp on the other side... well I just preferred to skip it completely! This is a quite strange and complex roof climb, not the kind of thing I like most, but still an obvious challenge to complete... personally I find Dreamtime now way harder, and it will be the next target for cold winter days in Cresciano.

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