venerdì 7 giugno 2013

- Cadarese Cracks !

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit for the first time the famous trad climbing crag of "Cadarese" in Ossola Valley. I left with my friend Daniele from Parma and we got really lucky to find great weather conditions with some cold northern wind... it was actually too cold at times!

It was my first time in a totally trad climbing crag with loads of cracks and no bolts around, so different from what I've been doing in the Peak District! Here routes tend to be very long and there's no way to walk at the top and throw down a rope for inspection... ;-)

In addition of doing some nice easier routes I also managed to try some of the hardest stuff the crag has to offer like "The Doors", "Turkey Crack", and "Book Cake". Each of these routes is very different from the others and requires totally different skills... my crack technique is still very poor and it's very stimulating to find something where you can improve so much.

Anyway the most familiar I've felt is on "The Doors" which is just too long for me at the moment (35 meters!!) and I do get really pumped placing gear all the way up... let's see what I will be able to do next autumn when I will go back!

For now just enjoy some random pictures of there three days of learning and self body destruction.
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