sabato 22 marzo 2014

- Albarracin 2014 - Photo report

After a very unlucky visit in January, where I had to lie ill in bed for four days out of six, I came back to Albarracin in early March to finally explore this world of red sandstone, which was still missing from the famous bouldering spots I visited around Europe. I won't write anything about how nice is the place or how cool are the boulders there... I will simply show you a few pictures I got, so you can judge on your own ;-)

Snowy January

old town building

View from the town walls

Pinturas Buldestres 7c+

Pinturas Buldestres 7c+

Supernafamacho 7b+

driving to the boulders

driving to the boulders

driving at the car park ;-)

Esperanza 6c+

El Varano 7c+

red at sunset ...

... yellow at night

under the stars

Brainstorm 7b

Bloque Fontain 7a

canyons and valleys

walking back from Techos

A Ciegas 7a+

Helicopters on Beaches 8b

Old town walls

la Lagrima 6c

la Lagrima 6c

my ...

... favourite ...

... subject !

Selfie under the trees

Many greetings from Albarracin, I will leave you with my usual short funny climbing video... I know it's quite out of fashion and just roughly edited, but climbing was hard and I didn't have time nor the will to make a more professional one. Take it easy!

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